What Do I need to Start the Game?

You need to download the game on your mobile device. You need to have an updated mobile operating system so you can start playing. Also, make sure that your phone processor and RAM can handle the graphics of the game.

Can I play this without paying any real money?

Of course. You can play for free forever. You will only need to spend money if you want to make things faster and to buy more power-ups for you.

How Can I Choose the Right Pixie?

You get to unlock pixies as you play the game. You can raise all of them but should focus on the right ones so you don't spend too much time on a useless pixie.

What is the perfect team composition?

Depending on your pixies and suits, most use 1 Bombardier, 1 Assault, 2 Snipers, and 1 Support. Although some high-level players use 2 supports instead.

Do you have some strategies to suggest?

Yes, continue following this blog to receive more updates on how to play this game properly. Get to know the latest pixies and suits available.

How difficult is the game?

Just like all other online games, its difficulty increases as you get better in the game. And so does your suits and your pixies.