About Us

Gaming is part of our lives.

We've been playing a lot of games for a lot of years now giving us the experience and the eye for details. We always come up with different strategies and guide as we play an up and coming game.

With the Master of Eternity, it was one of our favourite games because of our need to have exciting gameplay and cute animation. As anime fans, we were ecstatic when we started playing this game.

Our Game Philosophy

Have Fun more than Winning

Although the idea of playing a game is to win, we want to do it the other way around. Our priority is to have fun first, then if we win, that's even better. We don't want to have a toxic competitive environment. It takes away the fun of playing the game.

Make Friends

The great thing about playing an online game is you get to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. It's great to experience that because you can make good friends you can play with anytime.

Help Other People

This is our most important thrust. We share what we experienced and what we learned to as many people as possible. By sharing our knowledge, we can have more people play the game and have fun. Remember that the game's competition should be even for everyone.

That's why we keep on writing different guides and gameplay for people to follow. And we expect that they share the same information to us and to others as we continue playing the game.