What are the Assault Suits in Master of Eternity

What are the Assault Suits in Master of Eternity

The main point of Master of Eternity is to go through the campaigns per chapter and defeat all the evil mechs. It involves forming a team with a powerful suit. In this list, I checked all of the assault suits available and wrote down some information about them to help you decide who to raise later on.



It has a high defence and HP but the downside is, it has very low attack power. Therefore, this suit is best used as a tanker. It has a good skill that knockbacks the opponents making it perfect for setups during a clash. This character may have a low attack power, but she is useful in a team play. As the tanker of the rondvaart door haven van amsterdam, damagers stay behind her back as she takes the damage for them. Watch out for some healing salve, they will increase her hp and speed. The thing is, this suit falls behind the other suits as the game progresses. It’s a good suit, to begin with, but not later on as you get stronger.


This is one of the suits that you will have when you begin the game. It’s perfect for a beginner. It has charge and stun as its skills together with its area burst. But the problem with this suit is, its HP and defence are low compared to the other suits. Most gamers use this suit for a stealth kill. The suit enables the user to have critical damage to the target enemy. The aliexpress coupon code for mobile accessories elevates the whole experience so this suite. So, if you’re game style is more on the killer side, this suit is a must-have. The thing with assault, it should be a tank but Grash fails on that aspect although its stun and mobility can help you during your early games but not when the level of difficulty is higher.


This is one of the less useful suits in the game. It has a mana burn skill but it’s not useful because enemy mana starts at 0 in the game. It also has a freeze skill but the problem is, even the enemy is frozen, it can still attack. This suit may come in handy in a team fight where the opponent is dominated by mages. Mages rely on mana to be able to cast spells during an amsterdam sights to see tournament. Amadan can help reduce the attacks coming from mages while buying some time for your team to make critical damage. Overall, combining its low stats and skills that are not so useful, this suit can be skipped.


Darr is an average suit. It has a very useful dash skill that gives an extra defence, making it a good tank. Also, its advantage is it doesn’t use a lot of mana, and it can even add extra skills, unlike the other suits.  For players who got a lot of tricks, this suit is great. You might not have super damage, but this suit gives flexibility to your character. Heavy players of amsterdam weekend coach trips don’t rely on the character’s damage, but its abilities to lure enemies into traps for an easy kill. It might not be that special, but considering its skills and stats, it gets the job done for you.

Xiao Chui

This is a great suit, and make sure to raise it once you have it.  Xiao Chui is an expensive suit. This is why pro players avail this suit at the later part of the game where they have more than enough gold to purchase any equipment they want. They know where to put agoda discount code and the best time to use it to their advantage. It has a mass stun that can hold many opponents, therefore you can do free attacks. Although it has a short range and low damage, it doesn’t matter because that’s the job of your assault suits to do the damage.